Life is like building a puzzles

Kissing in the rain
You lead me inside
Feeling your soft touch
Your Hands On my skin
I start to lose control
We lay curled up on the bed

Just kissing and exploring each other
We start to build this magical puzzle
each puzzle piece a piece
of each other soul body and mind
By morning the puzzle was competed
So you scrambled it saying let’s start building a bigger puzzle
Yes life and being in love
A journey of discovery and growth.
Building a future
Together til death do us part
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti



Alice this post reminded me of your unique aprouch on competing and liking of a post

There are a lot of different types of love
Frienships love is one of those we experience different on social media
We do feel it
In the words we write down or text or those cute stickers we send
Your a kindhearted soft hearted friend
She do enjoy cute posts
Thank you for being my friend on Fb


These are cut deep into my soul

Talents we have them all
Not all of our friends
Or loved ones
See our talents
They will say it stupid
Never listen to them
Follow your heart
Never give up on life
It’s hard I know
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


Feeling the cold air on my skin reminds me of our love
Feeling the cold air on my skin
Reminds me of us how we watch the stars at night
It’s time to stop running
Before you set the world on fire
You’re running out of time
And you turn onto dust
Take a deep breath
Run slower till you run in my arms
Time is running out
Take a change on love
Stop running

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Bananna tree spider

Night spider found it inside the bark of bananna tree leaves spinning its web its moist inside . Not very agressive spider. Found it 22 October 2018 im Whiteriver South Africa


Tired of hiding

I don’t care what people think of me no more
Accept me and my friends
Or just disappear
I am tired of people
People laughing
At me or others with disabilities
Or people treating others like objects
Life is not a fairytale
But it all starts
With one smile
Sharing once lunch with a strangers
Offering cold water to those who walk by your home
In the lowveld its so humid and warm
So stop looking away
If you see someone struggle
Walking in the street
Offer him a stringer bag to carry his heavy load
No matter his or her colour
Change start with you

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Thank you

Thank you

If you’re on my profile to flirt with me
Unfriend me
I am in a relationship
I am here to make friends
Not looking for a husband
So sit back the friends that enjoy my post
My poetry my thoughts on life
Enjoy my amateur photos
Enjoy my post I share of friends
Enjoy my spelling mistakes
Enjoy my madness
Thank you for all those who bought my books
Thank you for sharing my posts
Thank you for liking my posts
Last thank you for joining my groups and page
Without you sharing and posting interesting posts
I would be bored
Have no addiction
Not enough time in the day to like and read all off your posts
Thank you for those who met me in person
If there are more who want to meet me
Inbox me
Author . Maria Cornelia Abetti

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