Tired of hiding

I don’t care what people think of me no more
Accept me and my friends
Or just disappear
I am tired of people
People laughing
At me or others with disabilities
Or people treating others like objects
Life is not a fairytale
But it all starts
With one smile
Sharing once lunch with a strangers
Offering cold water to those who walk by your home
In the lowveld its so humid and warm
So stop looking away
If you see someone struggle
Walking in the street
Offer him a stringer bag to carry his heavy load
No matter his or her colour
Change start with you

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


Thank you

Thank you

If you’re on my profile to flirt with me
Unfriend me
I am in a relationship
I am here to make friends
Not looking for a husband
So sit back the friends that enjoy my post
My poetry my thoughts on life
Enjoy my amateur photos
Enjoy my post I share of friends
Enjoy my spelling mistakes
Enjoy my madness
Thank you for all those who bought my books
Thank you for sharing my posts
Thank you for liking my posts
Last thank you for joining my groups and page
Without you sharing and posting interesting posts
I would be bored
Have no addiction
Not enough time in the day to like and read all off your posts
Thank you for those who met me in person
If there are more who want to meet me
Inbox me
Author . Maria Cornelia Abetti

Sending you a red eye dove to guide you home

Sending you a red eye dove to guide you home

Sending you a red eye dove
He will sing my sweet words of happiness
For the hole world
Singing poetry of our being together
To the world
Filling the air
Other birds will join. In
To compose our love songs
Other birds will join in
Making nature rejoice our souls meeting again after a eternity of searching for you
So lets meet sooner in our next life
So follow the red eye dove home

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Hoekom maak ware liefde so seer ek weet hoekom ?
Want ware liefde kom net een keer
Elke foto elke gedagte
Van jou… ..
My verbeelding hardloop weg
Jaloesie en onsekerheid tree in
Dan kalmte
Soos n storm was daar woede en weerlig toe eers kon die son weer skyn
Liefde is maar dieselfde
Verskillende seisoene
Emosies en storms van die hart
Reen die trane
Woede is weerlig
Son al ons liefde en romanse
Dan kom stilte

Liefde is blind

Liefde is blind
Nes die wind
Sonder die wind is my liefde blind

Sonder die wind sal my liefde my nie vind
So waar is die wind
Waar is die wind

Maria Cornelia Abetti

Weerlig en grys wolke
Moeder aarde se droe grond
Haar vel droog en hard vol krake
Sy is in pyn
Riviere en damme leeg
Moeder jy is so hartseer dat die storms in jou hart uiteindelik losgebars het
Maar die reen was maar net genoeg om jou grond liggies te streel
Nie genoeg om die diep wonde te genees
Nou maar weer bid en hoop
Dat die weerlig daardie woede buie
Nog trane gee genoeg om die wolke nog harder te laat huil
Want moeder aarde is dors en droog

Maria Cornelia Abetti

Rooi balon van liefde

Ek mis jou elke dag meer en meer
Wanneer dit still raak
Dan mis ek jou nog meer en meer
Totdat ek sweef soos n rooi balon
Hoog in die lug die windstrome ly my tot by jou
Dan pop daai rooi balon jy kyk op

Jy kyk op en sien die rooi stukkies balon daar le jy tel dit op
nie seker hoekom

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