Silver blanketĀ 

Silver blanket
Some use it for sock when in a accident 

For me your my only protection against the cold 

I sleep oudside 

All year round 

I am alone happy and see and feel nature

Breath in the early morning fresh air 

I got a job 

But not enough 

To have a warm place to rest

No matric , sober habits 

A carton box keep me warm and my silver blanket 

I earn enough to eat to write and my dog and 2 cat keep me warm

It’s getting dark oudside 

Watching the sun go into hiding every day

I believe I am blessed 

Once more I go into the fray

At night the wild life is my watch dog

Keeping me save making a noice when danger is near 

It’s just me and my carton box and silver blanket 

I am happy 

Blessed with a hug or to from the wind 

Day and night 

Like dust on the ground I will be 


Burned in fire 

Take my ashes throw it were I slept at night 

Under the purple tree of love 

Were we kissed 

We will be one 

For eternity 

My soul leaving my body 

Into the light I go 

Were my mother awaits me 

And all my friends I could not save when drowning that day 

There were you don’t need money 


Were we all are eqaul