One day

Being different is not always easy
So with faith and hope
One can dream that one day i will be accepted
For not how i look but for what i stand for
Abd what is in my heart
One  day

Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti


Insomnia again or. Is it just that i think of you alot
But i do think about you alot
You know who you are
I rolled up my sleeves and showed you my scars
Let the healing begin
Baby steps
Baby steps
For now
I am scared to

Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

They call me Fuzz or lolipop

They call me Fuzz or lolipop

I am ugly full of scars
Of all the bleeding
Cuts and bruising
No one wants to kiss or hug me
I only feel happy in cyber space
Here I got friends
But in reality alone
I get invited but my husband always say no
So you see
If I go to heaven tonight
I will be free happy there I can visit you all
If I die don’t cry
Celebrate for I am free
I met new friend recently
He is just like me
But he is a hero he taught me a few things
In reality he should be in heaven
He had a bad accident he was like frankinstein doctors stitched him together
But he didn’t give up
He fixed his motorbike and goes to work hardly sleeping for in so much pain yet he never complain
For me he is normal he healed
So for me he is a role model
I hope and pray for that he see that he is not frankinstein but a kind hearted man .

Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

Good morning

Good morning
As I watched the sun come up
It was misty
You were hardly visible
Then the miss faded and you shine crofter than any star
Your golden yellow
Reminded me of my my grandmothers love
How she whole me up on the farm
With a cup of warm milk and porridge
Telling me At 4 am come come
The cows won’t milk them selfes
It was my favourite time in the day watching the sun rise while doing my daily chores on the farm I was very young but at the age of 6 years felt like I belong for milking the cows with my grandparents was the first good memory him telling stories as the day passed we went on many journeys together he made working on the farm a adventure and I enjoyed every second of it
It’s never to late to learn or turn back the clock remember even if you failed something you tried doesn’t mean it’s over try and try again for with every time you try again you will get better and learn from your mistakes. So you never to young or to old to live your dream

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Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

Love hurts

Love hurts
First few months its magic then
Love gets stronger
So strong that even distance cant break us apart
We tried to cut the invisable rope
But failed misrably
So this relationship is strong stronger than any rope
Our destiny is even on the loudspeker
Tonight listening to the radio hearing my life
I was slapped in the face with reality
I think the message is clear
We are ment to be together
Becauce you are stuck in my mind
Denying the truth is hard that split second of a desision can sometimes be the wrong one or right one .Chosing is hard letting go even harder .

Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

Mixed emotions

Mixed emotions

Mixed emotions when I kissed you under the purple tree of love
We walked side by side 
Them stopped because my heart was racing so fast 
Then we talked and talked 
You gave me your heart then 
When you left I knew I might never see you again 
One thing I know 
I met and felt love under the purple tree that day 
Till today not sure if you were real or just my imagination creating you to hide for this pain
I never felt so save and calm I walked the streets that day 
Talking to this man 
I spoke my heart ,cried and I am sure I felt you hugging me 
That day you said 
I will come back one day
I waited for you 
But my fears is gone 
I feel like the old me 
This probably was an angel that Passed through 
All I know is my heart feels lighter 
And that I need you to come back still so many secrets must be told so that my burden can be lighter 
You said you’re always around I feel you but don’t see you please come back I need you

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Laying on the grass looking up how the clouds change shape

Ever looked at the sky the clouds the shapes
Why do you look up
For certain times
And see messages
Yes clouds is messages from the unknown
So many theories of why clouds form shapes
Who knows why

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