Love hurts

Love hurts
First few months its magic then
Love gets stronger
So strong that even distance cant break us apart
We tried to cut the invisable rope
But failed misrably
So this relationship is strong stronger than any rope
Our destiny is even on the loudspeker
Tonight listening to the radio hearing my life
I was slapped in the face with reality
I think the message is clear
We are ment to be together
Becauce you are stuck in my mind


Who knew that love is real not fantasy
Even if were far apart
And you are with another
You look after me
Protecting me
You still hold my key of my entire life
With one click
You can destroy me
But you dont

I cannot hurt another soul again
Cannot build a future on another persons sorrows
My heart is bleeding drops of bloid everywhere
But it must be done
So lets turn this feeling into frienship

We will meet again one day
In our next life
Under the tree were we first met
There were you saved my life
The day I found myself
I carve a message in it
I left clues everywhere
Cosmic twins always meet again

Still you cant let you
You say I am just fantasy
Yes I am a mistery to all
I do love you to
But I belong to anather
So I hide away run fast
When you are near
Because you see I cannot resist
Your tender embrace
I canot look into your eyes
For I will get lost

Who knew that you my dearest love
Will be the keeper of my heart
My soul
My entire existence
I breathe you
I taste you
Your everywhere but its time to let you go
For you see I am building a new house with bricks
So come help me as my friend and let me finish building my house its easy just pass me a brick or two so that one day the world can see that if you meet your twin you can turn it in a beatifull house a house that is build on honesty and trust a house were God is present always for he is the one who broyght us together so we could meet .
We all meet in our life more than one soulmate then there is the choice its up to us to decide to be naughty or do the right thing ignore true love or accept it . Believe me its harder than it seems if its true love that person will never leave you no matter what you do .He tells you everything even if it hurts


I on my knees praying

Crying saying
Thank you for all those who lead me to this path of discovering myself
I rather be a river than a street they say
Who know what causes us to take a spesific route
In our life our decisions determines our future
Walking the trail climing this mountain
I am lost in this woods walking in circles
Then haunted by all those hearts i have broken
My mistakes
My voice my thoughts my desires of guilty pleasures
This trail thought me allot face my fears and if all those men can forgive me why cant i
My life is like all life misterous
One day the man who desires me will accept me as i am that man will own me
If such a man excist
The world its all about looks money and naughty pleasures of the mind
Social media is a trap
Its about who your with how many friends how many lovers i had
What happened to falling in love with personality and working on our flaws no one is perfect
If the book is torn old ugly falling apart
Wont you still read the story if its good
You decide
Its a endless discusion
Dont judge a book by its cover and learn to forgive yourself otherwhise it will hold you back.


Shooting Stars

My favorite stars
Are the ones thats brigt
They just hang right
Above the horizon
At night they
provide light
A place
To run,and hide or
To hook a dream or two
Those bright stars are the ones who become shooting stars
There the ones
That rest
Distantly above
To make us belief in our dreams
Ow those shooting stars
They magic from above
We all have something that gives us hope for me i go out looking for that shooting star i saw abiut a dozen of so and all my wishes accept one came true

Wedding night

My favourite song brings back so many emotions

Wedding night

I’m sitting on the edge of my bed
I feel his presence right behind me as
he crawls to my neck
I hear a whisper in my ear, while he
hands run down my chest
Tension became more evident as he
went down to my legs
I am thinking dame this man is trouble,
but I let him continue
I know he’s a problem but I ‘aint
fluent speaking in riddles
I take control and let myself explore,
the journey all over his body as he pleasures more, I hear him groan, his phone ringing straight to that busy tone,
He knows he has entered my soul he can’t be left alone, woah scratching all over the sheets, gripping pillows as he take me deep through his island of exotic treasures,
we did it till the sunrise nobody’ has done it better,

Only one youl meet the man of your drreams be carefull if you let him in be sure he puts a ring on your finger

Old and gray

Your answer to my night becoming my day
I have to move get my own room
Its fine for i know
Like a old dirty rag
I am old
Faded dirty

Full of holes
I am falling apart
Its better this way
Its were i belong
In the rubisbin between the thrown away left overs
There i will find piece and find myself
I have since you known me 26 years
Swopt my nights and days
But now its iratating you
I know you care in your own way

This old rag will never give up
On becoming a great poet i writer
I wont eat or sleep if that what it takes
To publish my next book
You wont stop me nobody will

If this means going for help
Go for sleeo therapy i will
My hole life i wished i was normal
Sleeping at night
I adapted i took on nature
Explored at night with my camera and my pen
But my lesson is it will at the end
Break you
For we do need sleep
Its costing my mariage and my health
It all got worse the day of 2003
My car accident
For all ican do is finalky accept my journey
U am ready
No more negative thoughts
I believe in miracles
And in love
One day … day ….this wall will break
Then in your arms i will be
Kissing you night and day
I will be old and grey
For i believe in love

Gods plan for me

Couage in the early morning

I reliaze that God has a plan with me

Thinking back on my lessons
I experienced allot
I was forced to accept and learn from it

I experienced death , pain ,loss, love ,to be kind ,compasion ,faith ,fear,courage,happiness ,hunger to feel to stand up for myself

Then I was introduced to God
I thought i knew him welll
Till i started listening to the Bible on Cd

Then i was hooked every day i listend to the Bible morning and as the sun faded at night
I deceded to change my ways
Then its if God wanted to show me more
I asked qestions as i pray
I was answered everytime with signs from above

I think the most powerfull was the letter
Delivered by mistake
My dogs chewed half of it but i glued it back looking for a return adress
I could see some of the letter it shook me hard
God is great i know now i must not give in for i have a place of safty were i can go
One sms and i am save
But i am stuburn i think its in my blood
My time is near God says

But his time is not my time
For i am going to life
I know that now
He is testing my faith

This sleeping patern is for me to find myself and discover who i realy is for all these years i was pretending
for my husband and kids were asamed of me so in secret
I spend all my days caring for others i forgot about myself
Now its my time to heal
All those i helped
I am disabled and not going to let the world say see she has given up look she is weak
Remember just i am not used to do anyting myself now i must do everything myself
Its harder than i thought
My brein just got tired
It just need more megabites
Then off it goes again

Forgive me for not ready yet to jion you
Soon but not just yet
I am stuburn
And cant accept i failed in my mariage
I cant leave all this behind
Housewife and raised 2 kids and
I cant leave my dog oudi he wont survive
He is like my only friend

One dream

My only dream is to be happy
To sleep
To life
To change the view of the world
Tell my experiences
If not allowed to show my kids and husband to the world
Being told
You dont have my permision

I will show my poetry off to the world
For they are my children
My thoughts my emotions
My pot of gold
One day youlll all say
Please tell the world your our mom
So all i want is
To find that one who wants to love me
Accept me with all my flaws
Becauce i accept myself with all my flaws
For if you excist let me know
Or let me go

One wish

I wish
I could become an angel tonight
to guide you and protect you
and be everywhere you are.
If I can’t be with you in life than at least
I’ll be with you in death.
Perhaps I was born to die and become your angel.
Would be sooo cool because nobody could hurt me
or keep me from you ever again. That would be the greatest job and honor to be your guardian spirit.
Want to be around you,
hear you,
see you all the time.

One Word

You mean one word
then you say another
so much that you stutter
The words in your sun
Is meaningless,
Today you stutter
When alone your words, is like a warm sunny day
When with another your words is like water evaporating fast into nothing
Your word is not like the warm sun
Warm and inviting yet you stutter

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