Falling in love feels like Flying higher than I ever been on the wings of an eagle Going were no one has gone before Well hidden between the clouds. Watching you in secret Falling in love Then as a came close you looked away You didn’t see me Then the winds and clouds Took me again high above the clouds Looking down like a predator in search of its next meal Yes you swept me away Stole my heart Like a thief in the night Yes My heart was racing fast Faster than the speed of light Seeing you Work gave me hope againTo make you fall in love with me all over again This is the story of how it feels like being in love longing to be seen and rescued by someone.  We all experience this magical feeling more than once in our life. Sometimes to scared to act on what we feel inside our hearts . Then rather pretend to love someone we don’t.

I used to hide behind a mask pretending till I met youI used pretend to the ones a love Hiding the true me Running away from love Then meeting you changed to course of my being You totally convulsed me You let the real me out The naughty and the calm one The smell of your skin When you hold my hand Kissed my soft lips we getting lost kissing for hoursThen making love on our honeymoon Now I can’t get enough of you I am so amazed by you The way you wash my hair We are always texting all day I  am floating on clouds every day Your like sun shinning warm on my skinWhen it gets windy I hear you calling my name Feeling you warm hand covering me to warm me up In our love affair there is no load sheddingWhen were together we light up enough fireworks to keep Witrivier and Nelspruit lighted for hours Didn’t plan this but I really like you I tried everything to push you away yet I only drew you closer Oww I need to tell you Just hold me and kiss me And never let me goYour stuck in my mind Can’t really concentrate on anything You make me forgot about the world All I want is to be with you   Author Maria Cornelia Abetti Published Copyrighted This is the story of the two you couple they got married on the 15 June 2015 and as  husband and wife but due to money still cant stay together . So its a sad story Congrats I know it will work out soon


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Only you will know

You me forever Friends for ever 

No matter where we are

You me

Kissing under the stars tonight

No more tears that become dew drops after midnight

Just a soft warm breeze 

To remind you of me 

It will lift your pillow 

So that you feel me yes me the warm soft breeze warming up your heart

It will lower the pillow in place you waking up

Wondering if I was real 

Only you will know