Missing you

Missing you so much No megabites No money So what now What to do Money and megabites keeping us apart This unplanned modern fairy tail No money is keeping Us both apart Its only your song we  can both listen to Lucky it doesn’t need money or megabites Missing you more and more Just crying myself to sleep Listening to our song Copyrighted Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Journey of discovering myself

On a journey of discovering nature

I wake up different times in the night and day like most of you obese , high blood pressure,  no short term memory,   unhappy  and unfit  arthritis  ,migraine  every second day hands and feet getting numb suffering from depression  and asma so i decided  I use my camera and words to write down my feelings . My husband says and say it’s all in my head . I am soon celebrating another year getting younger .Decided to prove to the world my family my kids I can make something of myself one step at a time . So I go for walks alone this is what I saw this month  in my Neiborhood






This is how the young man felt about his true love.

This is how the young man felt about his true love.

You come straight after work early that morning
I greet you with coffee and a kiss
We went to shower together
That magical shower
You holding me kissing me good morning
Like it should be
We went to bed
Naked and exposed
Its cold

Lying in your arms  under a warm blanket on this early winters morning
I felt safe and warm
and with each minute that passes
my love for you are growing stronger
I got lost in à magical moment looking into your eyes
Floating on clouds when your hands held my cheeks and kiss me again
You close your eyes then you just smile
I feel your heart racing

You made loving you so easy
I am just glad i am your princes
You are the king of my castle
You’re everything I am not
Every time you leave
You take a part of me with you
Brick for brick
Building our castle
Till one day our castle is completed 

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Second date

The man she loves with all her heart Got the winter flu that floats around in the air This meant their second date had to be cancelled So they texted and got to now each other better over the Internet Bad signals and loads bedding Stole their precious time together Technology can be kind so can it be cruel keeping loved ones apart. It’s like dust in the air it’s everywhere we have no control over it

Sandy shores

Knowing that I am yours. You are like the stormy sea I am it’s sandy shores You’re that endless waves Crashing on its shores I am the sand I will wait for ever To be part of your life becoming your golden sandy shores were your endless waves will be crashing.


Burn Next to(you), I feel so insignificant , Because you(burn)like the sun, (So bright) and alive, But I ain’t the moon,(and) I’m just there when (I)need to be, (Just)there when you aren’t, (Don’t)be too loud’,I’ll say, ‘You’ll wake the sleeping sun. Written by Author Maria  Cornelia Abetti

Naughty thoughts

Naughty thoughts

O this, naughty thoughts, in my mind
Its hard to resist temptation
Specially when its, cold oudside
Dewdrops, falling softly on the, grass
It brings new life to plants trees,
The flowers
Now that its getting colder
She stilll walk barefoot oudside
Crispy grass in Gauteng
But in Mpumalanga its soft wet grass near Kruger Park
When it rain hard or soft light rain she and her dog will go walking in the rain for hours,
Its like being born again she says
Although she found her true love now,
He will be her secret lover only she and the man on the moon will know who her heart belongs, to forever bounded cosmic twins,
Faith brought them to meet
There story must still be, written
The ink is there blood in there veins
The pen is, there minds, and, thoughts
The paper is there souls there brain is were it all will be kept
For this is a true love story two lovers, kept apart they can only be, together in Heaven because forbidden on earth forever kept apart
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti. Maria Abetti. Maria Cornelia Abetti

It starts with a hello in cyberspace

It all started with hello on Facebook

It all started with a hello
On Facebook
They were so much alike
Shy and quiet
Pretending to be happy
Both of them
There hearts  were ripped out
Bleeding on the floor
Waiting to be picked up
Who knew
On the last Autumn night
They both walked outside trying to clear their minds
And to try escape there sadness  just for a moment
Both saw a shooting star
Both made a wish
They whisper it to the wind
Then a hour later
The heavens spoke to both
They both saw the same picture on Facebook
Only they liked it
Then a messages
They started to text each other it was if time stood still
When the sun  came out from its hiding place
They were still texting
So they decided to meet
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

This is how these two lovers met.

It’s amazing how I feel when I look into your soul

It’s amazing how I feel when I look into your soul

It’s amazing how I feel when I look  into your eyes,
How my heart pounds when you come into a room.
I look at you and my heart beats faster
It’s if I am
Walking on clouds
We had to  layion the grass
Looking at the stars
You kissing me
That never ending kiss
You say are you real
You stated to shed a few tears
Holding my hand
We had to walki to our room
My knees getting weak I say
You pulled me closer
Then our

Hearts stared to beat faster
Our breathing out of control
You holding me tight saying
I must be dreaming
Or am I in heaven

Childhood fears

Superseded by my childhood fears This pain of missing you so much In the cold night I go outside to feel your touch I know you are outside watching the stars Watching over me Now I am captivated by your light Your the brightest star shinning In the sky Showing me the path Towards your heart

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