You took away my reason to exist
The day you died in my
Heart turned into stone
I felt emotion less
Then you came along
You took my hand and rolled up your sleeves you showed me your cuts
Since then my heart was beginning to pump again I started to feel again
I cried tears of joy the day you left
Now we are friends


Missing you more and more
Since the day you kissed me
We went seatching for the waterfall in the forresholding hands
Today these memories
Of we holding hands
You kissing me
Our day our special day is 14 February
You made my sadest day a happy day
Like a waterfall is my tears
Of yoy
Filling up the empty rivers
Or as some say silent prayers
All i know i smile again
Like a river wuthout water i am without you

Naughty thoughts

Naughty thoughts

O this, naughty thoughts, in my mind
Its hard to resist temptation
Specially when its, cold oudside
Dewdrops, falling softly on the, grass
It brings new life to plants trees,
The flowers
Now that its getting colder
She stilll walk barefoot oudside
Crispy grass in Gauteng
But in Mpumalanga its soft wet grass near Kruger Park
When it rain hard or soft light rain she and her dog will go walking in the rain for hours,
Its like being born again she says
Although she found her true love now,
He will be her secret lover only she and the man on the moon will know who her heart belongs, to forever bounded cosmic twins,
Faith brought them to meet
There story must still be, written
The ink is there blood in there veins
The pen is, there minds, and, thoughts
The paper is there souls there brain is were it all will be kept
For this is a true love story two lovers, kept apart they can only be, together in Heaven because forbidden on earth forever kept apart
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti. Maria Abetti. Maria Cornelia Abetti