Our love is like when day gradually flows into night

Sitting in the dark pondering
Back in time
I was 16 you 26
Me waiting in my dad’s car after school
Doing my homework
Watching you pass me by
I just smiled you smiled back
As time passes we started taking
Then I started working
I had to walk by you everyday
So slowly we talked more
Till one day you had to take me home
So our friendship grew into so much more
One year later we got married
Our love had it’s up and downs but at the end it worked out well .Although so different in many ways our friendship never died our love is stronger than ever before.
Our love is like
Yin me the night and
yang you the day
Long and short define each other
We’re like two halves
Together complete wholeness it’s like
When day gradually flows into night

I wrote this poem for my dear husband were like yin and yang now for 25 years showing the world that opposites attract and together still I am looking forward for the next 100 years together.


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Watching the sun eclipse is better than watching a movie

Watching the sun eclipse is better than watching a movie
hearing the leaves in the wind
soft touch of the wind on my skin its cool and fresh
like a leave falling softly on the ground
till the tree stand naked and exposed
reminded me of my youth
i was once innocent then like new leaves growing on the trees
the world slowly formed me
some days hard ,some days easy
choices to be made
to be good
my leaves will grow fast
and the tree becoming big and strong
if failed choosing to be bad and
taking the path of dishonesty
the tree will wont grow back its leaves
and die fast

Regarder le soleil éclipse est mieux que un film

Regarder le soleil éclipse est mieux que un film
entendu les feuilles dans le vent
toucher doux du vent sur ma peau de son frais et frais
comme un congé tombe doucement sur le sol
jusqu’à ce que l’arbre est nu et exposés
me rappelle ma jeunesse
Je étais innocent fois
alors comme une nouvelle croissance des feuilles sur les arbres
le monde m’a formé lentement
quelques jours difficiles, quelques jours facilement
choix à faire
être bien
Mes feuilles vont croître rapidement
et l’arbre sera grand et fort
Si l’échec de faire le bon
 et moi
prendre le chemin de la malhonnêteté sera
L’arbre pousse blessé
et merit rapidement


Chipmunk #3


chipmunk 03

A Chipmunk that was scouring around in the woods.

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Red-tail Hawk #4


Hawk, Red-tail 004

A Red-tail Hawk that I found along the river that was harassing some Buff Ducks that were in the water. I think I took this shot on the tenth of this month, a week and a half ago maybe. The Buff Ducks moved on but the hawk is still hear.

Ducks, Bufflehead 001

Bufflehead Ducks image #1. I just cannot get close enough to these little one to get good shoots for my self. The red-tail definitely got closer to them then I can.

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Our love is like the seasons endless cycle of change

Our love is like the seasons endless cycle of change
It’s winter and were cold
then spring your still here
so when autumn comes our love fading like dead leaves falling from the trees.
Scared so I try holding on to our memories of joy. Before winter comes and steel the sun in my heart
I try to pick up the dead leaves
Trying to hold on
But as season change
The leaves crumbled into dust so it was time
I had to let go

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I am scared yet I feel calm Lost in your fantasy

You walk into the room
I feel so high looking into your eyes
Fading away into your fantasy world
I feel your breath on my skin
Your soft warm lips on my lips
My head spinning
Love me .touch me your hands hold me down on the floor
Kissing my neck slowly your taking control
I am scared yet I feel calm
Lost in your fantasy of making me fly towards the moon
Slowly we start floating back towards earth.
Still holding each other slowly falling asleep.

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