Don’t want to wake up if this is a dream

I was pretending
my whole life I was happy
Full to the brim

Was this real or is this just me stuck in my dream of pretending
I am pretending
Not waking up from this nightmare
Then you came along
So I try to pretend
Saying your not real
But when you hold my hand

There is no more pretending
This is not a dream
No its real then you kissed me
It was all in the everlasting french kiss
After two weeks of not seing  my one true love
Don’t want to wake up if this is a dream
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


Tipula jocosa (giant cranefly) wingspan 64mm

Day and night spider in Witrivier South Africa

Common Geranium Bronze (Malvabloutjie)15mm

All I want to do is to tell you how much you mean to me

All I want to do is to tell you how much you mean to me
As I watch the day slowly fades away into yet another winter night

Holding in my last breath
Before its to late

But all you want to do is say good bye
So how can this work
You broke my heart
Its in million peaces shattered glass everywhere
I had enough
Don’t bother picking it up
Just take the broom
Sweep my broken heart away
Through me in the bag
Go on replace me with a new cristal wyn glass
I am in million peaces
Cant be fixed

Looking at my reflection in the mirror All I want to do Is turn back the clock

Looking at my reflection in the mirror
All I want to do
Is turn back the clock
I once was a teenager and
So misunderstood
Becoming a adult
Was the best holiday I ever went on

Learning so much by tripping and falling
Laughing and crying
All my snapshots of my memories stuck in my mind

My first camera was my eyes
With every blink
A photograph storing it in my mind

Lucky my hard drive
Never got full
Yes my heavenly father made sure
I have unlimited gigs
Yes although my brain got hurt
He made sure i
Could write and share my thoughts with the world
So to you I go on my knees
Thanking you for
Allowing me to do so

Morning dew drops

Its cold I feel the cold air
I reach out taking your hand
Save me
You hands is the morning mist covering the grass the plants my skin I feel how the mist heal my broken heart sending your love through the morning dew drops on my skin

Ek is in vervoering as ek aan vandag dink.

ek is in vervoering as ek aan vandag dink.
as ek nou moet doodgaan
kan ek waarlik se dat ek het gewen.
geen groter prys bestaan as ‘n goeie vrou
se liefde nie.
hoe kom ek ooit weer deur ‘n dag sonder jou
. hoe gaan ek dit hou?
daar bestaan nie werklik woorde om te beskryf
hoe goed ek nou voel nie…

Was ek digger sou ek beter kon beskryf
Wat jy aan my doen
Soos die suurstof in my longe is jy vir my
Sonder jou sal my hart op you klop
En weer in stof verander

Those few days of silence between us

Those few days of silence between us
This was not a planned modern day romance
So we both ran out of airtime and megabytes

Although its supposed to be the coldest days
It was warmer than usual at night and in the day
We both watched the sun set and sunrise everyday
Our secret time together

The love we both felt was so strong it warmed up the cold nights and days in the lowveld
Our love covered the hole lowveld with a invisible blanket
Warming up all around us
With our smiles and feeling happy and in love
Nothing can remove this invisible blanket its became part of me

You had to made the biggest choice in your life after finding someone else you had to say goodbye to your current lover

You had to made the biggest choice in your life after finding someone else  you had to say goodbye to your current lover
I know it must hurt
“You said ”
She used me when I had no money she would disappear
Leaving me
Ignoring me hungry and cold all alone
Now I found someone that accept me no matter what
Even if I am broke
She still wants to be with me
We shared a piece of bread
Shared our morning Coffee
We if were miles apart
We watched the sun set together
Looked at the same stars
We listened to the radio together after midnight sharing something special

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