Elke nou en dan dwaal my hart terug in tyd en al die ou gevoelens wek die herinneringe in my gedagtes uit
En dit is asof dit net gister was dat ons nog saam was en beloftes gemaak het.
Die lewe het die beste van ons gekryf. Ons lei ons eie paaie nou
In daardie oomblikke wat ek jou misWens ek ons kon weer begin,My hart pyn as ek aan jou stem dink, jou vriendelikheid die glimlag op jou gesig en ek wonder hoe die lewe ons kon weg van mekaar hou.Maar ek weet die bietjie is waar:Maak nie saak hoeveel tyd vergaan ek sal altyd lief wees vir jou.
Written by Maria Cornelia Abetti
Photo taken by Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

You consumed me

Climbing the stairway to heaven

After a eternity of you whispering poetry in my ear
Those endless nights and days
Making love whispering poetry in each others ears
Its was if we could complete each others sentence
For hours
Our minds think alike
You totally consumed me
I feel you in the wind
I smell you in the air
You not only replaced the oxygen in my lungs
You are the oxygen I breathe
The more time we spend together
The harder it gets
Saying goodbye
Waiting for you to come see me again
Those endless kisses
Those nights of total Ecstasy
We went to a place were only a lucky few ever have been

Those poetry we write of our love
It will leave a legacy for all to see
What real love is all about

Copyrighted Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


To my dearest husband

You have become the oxygen i breathe

Having someone that cares so much
For me knowing me better than I know myself
When in pain crying were there holding my hand
When I opened my eyes
Feeling your warm lips on mine
Breathing for me when I could not
You became part if me
No matter were I were
All I had to do is close my eyes
And you were there
It was like you have become the oxygen in the air
Without oxygen
I could not life nor could I exist
@Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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Love story

My love song for today coming from deep within my heart.

The love story of the young couple
The winds are blowing strong and wild
On the sea and
In their hearts
Like the forbidden secret love
They met on their love boat
Both from to different worlds
Rich and poor
Only in secret among the rich they could meet
But among the poor the didn’t have to hide their love their they were accepted
They were dancing the night away
Their souls met again
Laying in each others arms looking at the starts
Till finally falling asleep
Feeling happy and content.
These two woke up with their never ending kiss
Stayed in their cabin
Not leaving each others arms
Phoning for room service
Then back in each others arms
They were to long apart
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


No data only Vodacom free Fb
For a while now
Only the sounds of nature to listen and watch them scurrreling around 24 hours for food started birdwatching again
Cleaning my house in between
Cooking dinner
Then taking my 2 dogs for hunting in my garden for new insects and night birds
It’s more relaxing than TV
So listening to the thunder and lightning
Soft rain start to fall
It’s if the clouds is crying all my silent tears
Of missing you the man I kissed under the moon and stars


My favourite flowers

Your not from here Cosmos but somehow
The birds and bees
Brought you to me
Or is it the man in heaven who died
Sending me a garden full of our favourite childhood flowers
It put a smile on my face
Why some would say
Along the road through Gauteng
One would see only white and pienk
I have mixed colours while ,purple mixed with white , pienk and a purple with edges with Black I downloaded a aplication and it was confirmed it’s all Cosmos flowers .
The aroma when the wind blows reminds me of my past and future my book is halfway full it’s up to me to complete it alone
Although my eyes is week struggling to see my glasses needs a upgrade
I know maybe turning blind is not so bad
There is a aplication for everything
Can’t drive everyone to Busy
To take me to the Clinic

I followed my heart

I followed my heart

enduring the pain
haunted by memories
You holding me in your arms
My knees get weak
Feeling your soft embrace like no one sees someone the world don’t see as hard as a rock Wild and untamed It was dark when you kissed me
on my soft moist lips
Trying to escape but harder than I thought
The warm touch of your hands touching my skin you kissing my all over
We losing control… over and over
So I had to run away one night to think
Is this love or lust is it worth the pain
Few months later now
I made my disision to stay following my heart

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