When is enough enough 

​When is enough enough
Realizing want it means having a roof over my head

Some sleep outside 

Cold ,wet ,hungry and alone 

Feeling scared forced to do things 

Use drugs 

Do sexual favours just to stay alive 

Or have a roof over their heads

When is enough enough 

We all look the other way 

Its time we open our hearts 

Stop calling them names they do got feelings 

Start caring 


Author. Maria Cornelia Abetti

​Walking in the rain searching for myself 

​Walking in the rain searching for myself 
Nothing like walking in the rain 

Its cold ,wet and refreshing at the same time 

After a day of seeing so much pain hurt and people don’t caring for people 

Yes could happen to anyone 

Losing it all 

No were to go 

Feeling lost 

Were do one go 

Its a cruel scary world 


Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

The rain

​The rain 
Your wet like these tears 

In my eyes 

I guess that’s why I love walking in the rain 

Its not tears of sadness 

But tears of joy

Of finally letting someone 

Into my heart 

That turned to stone 

With every tear of happiness 

You bring me 

This stone is turning into mud 

Now you can form my heart 

In any shape you desire 

You’re hands and soft caring voice 

Is all I need to survive this cruel world 


Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

​September rain turning nature into Paradise

​September rain turning nature into Paradise
When day time slowly goes in hiding

Its time for darkness to take over 

Spiders ruling the night

Slugs eating snails 

When soft rain covers the plants 

The frogs appear 

Under the cloudy sky 

Its a mystical world 

At midnight all goes back to normal 

Slugs go under ground so do snails 

Night spiders go in bidding behind leaves 

Frogs disappearing under leaves and plants 

Then its time for me to go inside 

To go dream of this perfect world 

Nothing will keep me 

From exploring nature 

Its calming and soothing



Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

A blue moon

​A blue moon
a blue moon

It’s like we’re growing even if apart

I took a piece of you

You got piece of me 

If to long apart 

Technology doesn’t      work without you in my life 
So come home 

My battery    is dying   

You got the only charger    

It’s will only be supercharged 

If it’s plugged into your heart

Your the only power I need 

To keep me alive

Copyrighted Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

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Ĺekker slaap 

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