Dear Heavenly Father
I am on my knees
Thanking you
For allowing me to survive so long
Pains in my arm headaches
Tired of taking tablets
With blood pressure
Over 200
Lowest 150
I am in allot of pain
But still i am smiling
Hiding behind these walls
Standing in the cold night crying
You gave me all I ever wanted
I even kissed the man on the moon
You guided me so far
I once was hungry
Now my cup is full to the brim
Please just let my pain stop
I never ask anything
Tonight I am on my knees
My biggest dream is to sleep
Since 2006 could not sleep
My night became my day
Tried everything
Only to be awake another night
Let me climb those stairs to heaven
I am mentally and fiscally
I need sleep
Please come take me home
Were I belong
To the only Father i ever knew

If you decide to let me stay
Then show me the way
I am lost confused
My heart belongs to another
Split in two
Day and night

Bleeding laying on the floor bleeding out
Please Daddy
I need you
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Insomnia is all over the world to sleep waking up every 2hours is hell used allot of things even in day laying in once bed hearing every sound just to stand up to start a new day of work . Then having arthritis is also not helping. Hands and feet going pins and needles .  There are meds that help but not all of us can effort it. So we take it day by day.
This is for all of you that suffer just like me

Climbing the stairway to heaven

Falling in love feels like
Flying higher than I ever been on the wings of an eagle
Going were no one has gone before
Well hidden between the clouds.
Watching you in secret

Falling in love

Then as a came close you looked away
You didn’t see me
Then the winds and clouds
Took me again high above the clouds
Looking down like a predator in search of its next meal
Yes you swept me away
Stole my heart
Like a thief in the night


My heart was racing fast
Faster than the speed of light
Seeing you
Work gave me hope again
To make you fall in love with me all over again

I used to hide behind a mask pretending till I met you

I used to hide behind a mask pretending till I met you


I used pretend to the ones a love
Hiding the true me
Running away from love
Then meeting you changed to course of my being
You totally convulsed me
You let the real me out
The naughty calm one
The smell of your skin
When you hold my hand
Kissed my soft lips we getting lost kissing for hours
Then making love on our honeymoon
Now I can’t get enough of you
I am so amazed by you
The way you wash my hair
We are always texting all day
I  am floating on clouds every day
Your like sun shinning warm on my skin

When it gets windy I hear you calling my name
Feeling you warm hand covering me to warm me up
In our love affair there is no load shedding

When were together we light up enough fireworks to keep Witrivier and Nelspruit lighted for hours
Didn’t plan this but I really like you
I tried everything to push you away yet
I only drew you closer
Oww I need to tell you
Just hold me and kiss me
And never let me go
Your stuck in my mind
Can’t really concentrate on anything
You make me forgot about the world
All I want is to be with you

Watch “Eende in Springs Suid Africa” on YouTube

Watch “Eende in Springs Suid Africa” on YouTube

Eende in Springs Suid Africa:

Watch “Butterfly in July 2015 in Witrivier South Africa” on YouTube

Branded with rumours

Here is it now
Now one want to be friends
After she left me
Branded with rumours
Since you left me with a broken heart

Because of your lies
Hurt and alone
Then on cold winter afternoon
I met the girl of my dreams
Strangely although cold
On that afternoon
The sun was so hot
Like on a summer day
And to think it all started with a smile
And a single touch
Of our hands
When picking up a Penny on the floor
Looking up
There you were smiling at me
I smiled back
We shared a coke cola
In coffee shop
We kissed
So this magical romance started.

Good morning my husband

Good morning my husband
Even if its cold hope you were waking up
With a warm heart knowing its my blood pumping through your veins
Then when you took the first sip of your warm coffee
As it warms you up
It will remind you of our love
Warming you up from deep within your body
Taking a deep breath of this fresh morning air smelling the aroma of the flowers and wild grass all around you
It will remind you of the sweet sent of my perfume
It will follow you were ever you are
A constant reminder of me
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Learning to cope with fear in our daily life’s by looking at nature

Fear it comes in so many ways in our humans life’s it will shape and bend us into what we shall become
We all have fear and its become part of our daily life’s
Finding ways to cope not easy
I always go back to nature to learn how to relax and overcome my everyday fears
In nature its the same its all about surviving its even worse
Really your not save any were not even under a tree bark or deep underground there’s always a hungry predator trying to eat you .
So learn to use fear to your advantage like insects do

They use defensive strategies like camouflage.
Or Fleeing and aggression.
Sounds familiar
Some species have adopted colourings,
shapes and patterns that make it difficult for predators that hunt by sight to detect them.
So humans stand tall use your voice
Say no enough is enough
Become the predator not the victim

Insects  tend to be dull shades of brown,
grey and green that blend into their background,
and desert species tend to be pale.
Some species can fly but the mode of flight tends to be clumsy,
Humans stop running away from your fears
When you fall stand up
Smile with grace
And start again
Most of us do stumble and fall
so the most usual response to danger is to scuttle away
Insects will try to find a hiding place. under leaves and grass
So Stop hiding its time to start living

My love song for today  coming from deep within my heart.

My love song for today  coming from deep within my heart.

The love story of the young couple
The winds are blowing strong and wild
On the sea and
In their hearts
Like the forbidden secret love
They met on their love boat
Both from to different worlds
Rich and poor
Only in secret among the rich they could meet
But among the poor the didn’t have to hide their love their they were  accepted
They were dancing the night away
Their souls met again
Laying in each others arms looking at the starts
Till finally falling asleep
Feeling happy and content.
These two woke up with their never ending kiss
Stayed in their cabin
Not leaving each others arms
Phoning for room service
Then back in each others arms
They were to long apart
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


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