My heart 

​My heart 
I lost it long ago 

The day you died mom

You brought me into this magnificent world 

Read me stories introduced me to my imagination 

You molded me into what I am today

I gave you my heart 

If people ask me today

Where is your heart

I would reply

 A big piece my heart lives in heaven   that is my mom

White Christmas 

​Merry Christmas to all my friends and family across the world
White Christmas 

You suppose to be white 

The world changed you red 

It’s Coca Cola  that gave you colour 

Like red cherries and coca cola 

It’s my favourite snack 

Waiting for presents next day 

Then star gazing thinking back

What it’s all about 

Then intead of presents 

I read my Bible 

The story is my bread to give me strength to forfull my purpose For another year



These past few months my faith my will to survive has been tested 

So many things went wrong so much still to be gratefull for

Every time it  feels like i am down pushed to the floor 

Then just as i come up for air another stone is rolled in front of me 

These rocks are getting bigger but then somehow i get the strenght to roll them out of the way 

So i have learned to not give up and believe 

In God and nothing will stop me from finishing reading my Bible complete nothing 

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Wanneer dit stil raak dwaal ek rond opsoek na jou

​by scalewings 
Wanneer dit stil raak dwaal ek rond opsoek na jou
Ek mis jou elke dag meer en meer

Wanneer dit still raak

Snags dan mis ek jou nog meer en meer

Soggens as die son opkom

Dan dwaal ek in die lugstrome rond

Soos n klomp rooi balonne
Hoog in die lug

die windstrome ly my tot by jou

Dan pop al  daai rooi balonne

jy kyk op

en sien die rooi stukkies balonne  daar le

 jy tel dit op 

nie seker hoekom?

Eers toe dit skemer word

Besef  jy hoekom

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

​We have a powerful God 

​We have a powerful God 

Reading and listening to the Bible when I have time all day I am listening to it on my phone while working 

It keeps me calm 

I relized I am not living my life like I should 

So from today I am following my God 

It’s hard all those rules 

But  for God my Father I am doing it .

I sined without knowing it 

But no more 

Turning over a new leaf

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti