Fathers day 2017

Father day 2017
What is fathers day 

It’s a day to spoil the person that special man that planted a seed in your mother’s womb 

Bringing you to life 

Caring for you paid for all fed and clothed you till you started your own family today I give thanks for my I husband saying thank you for all he did for our kids 

He is a humble kind man 

For me it’s my My Heavenly Father 

I gave thank to 

I never knew my Dad 

I see myself as a seed planted in a garden full of roses with thorns I blossomed into the biggest most colour full Cosmos plants all the colours you can think of getting bigger each year as my Heavenly Father gave me love ,water and protected me from being ripped out from the garden 

I  am humble sitting on my knees 

Saying thank you for your kindness and love and caring without you I am nothing