Since i can remember i had always believed once you accepted your flaws you will succeed .strong willed stuburn and caring nature got me in alot of trouble of the years but every teardrop taught me a lesson made me stronger  .my dream is to change the worlds view on poferty .the poor food for all no more hunger so With my pen and notepad and my eyes as my camera my brein ny hard drive  i traveled the world taking notes as far as i traveled .trough the storms in my life aswell as through the calm seasoons in my life i learned so much .my eyes became my airplane and as tecnoligy grew so did ny travels from the couch in my living room i travelled throughout the world .i became a blogger and writerand published poet i published 5 books my first book was in 2013 it was a recipy book and photo book about butterflies and birds then a recepy book and also a educational book about snakes last book was about poetry and butterflies .my frienships grew i visited people from all countries they became my family the one i never had i can honestly say i am blessed as a human being although i am just a small grain of sand in a bottle compare to the world my travels is ongoing my final destination is known only by my Heavenly Father .
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


These past few months my faith my will to survive has been tested
So many things went wrong so much still to be gratefull for
Every time it  feels like i am down pushed to the floor
Then just as i come up for air another stone is rolled in front of me
These rocks are getting bigger but then somehow i get the strenght to roll them out of the way
So i have learned to not give up and believe
In God and nothing will stop me from finishing reading my Bible complete nothing
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti