Questions remain

Questions remain

A punishing days arrival!’
Causing an end to her survival
Hier mother left her  alone to face the worst,
Leaving her with an everlasting thirst,
Life now seems lost
A mother’s love.. You always ask for more,
Hugging her now feels like this day is yours.

O’ grief for my beloved friend!
Whose agony has no possible end,
She is now accompanied by loneliness,
Her pain is causing me an illness,
For all is my faultv

These are the fine eyes that haven’t shed tears,
They still haven’t lightened this burden this heart bears, incredible pain
Even my eyes have deserted me,
No worldly luxury has comforted me.
His love my only life line
Who will i turn to when in pain?
For he loves another
Who will tell him what to do,
or from what to refrain?
Such questions..
Forever they will remain.
We all bairs scars of ignoring true love instead chose to stay true and life with the pain its hard . Rather change it in frienship for thats worh so much more

Wedding night

Wedding night

I’m sitting on the edge of my bed
I feel his presence right behind me as
he crawls to my neck
I hear a whisper in my ear, while he
hands run down my chest
Tension became more evident as he
went down to my legs
I am thinking dame this man  is trouble,
but I let him continue
I know he’s a problem but I ‘aint
fluent speaking in riddles
I take control and let myself explore,
the journey all over his body as he pleasures more, I hear him groan, his phone ringing straight to that busy tone,
He knows he has entered my soul  he can’t be left alone, woah scratching all over the sheets, gripping pillows as he take me deep through his island of exotic treasures,
we did it till the sunrise nobody’ has done it better,

Only one youl meet the man of your drreams be carefull if you let him in be sure he puts a ring on your finger

House on fire

Like a House on fire  
I am searching for you in the woods
its cold footsteps in the snow surounded by mountains,
and pine trees
I see blood driping on the rocks
I follow the trail of drops of blood surounded by rivers then my heart stops
I see your lifeless body laying in the snow
adrenalin warms me up like a house on fire my blood boils I kiss your cold almost blue lips i breathe oxygen into your longs you start to breathe my heart is on fire with joy
I build a fire in my to keep us warm
When you lose the one you love you would do anything to bring him back .

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


I caught the monster unaware.
I hear the closet door
Sqeek sqeek
Prrr prrrr prrrr
It sounded like a monster
No noises live in my closet or under my bed,
It could only bee that
All the monsters live inside my head.
Or is it just my cat

She owns“him” her success and her entire life

The blade pierced her skin as she surrenders the fight
In the shadow by the window in the pitch dark night

The sea of blood washes the pain away
Another lost battle on this wretched day

As steady streams of tears run down her face
Her mind tells her its time to abandon this race

A new day,
A new scar and a new battle to win
The freshly formed scare will strip the beauty from her skin

On this day hope will creep its way into her life
That one person should encourage her to put down the knife

“He” inspired her to dream
Her tears dried and her face beamed

She learned to take flight
To never give up a fight

She owns“him” her success and her entire life
Sometimes we are ready to give up on life then we get reminded by strangers who you really are it can give us hope again change us from naughty to nice

Remember who you are

Remember who you are

Who she was who she really was
The greatest risk in life is to risk
To be seen for who you really are
Who you was is less important
Then remember have courage be kind for there are no more magic dust to protect you in real life
I know i have no courage i am a odanary girl with one glas slipper for lost the other one in the mist
While running away from my fears
So i locked my door again
I am alone awaiting my prins to come save me
O dear guss thank you for leaving the window open
So every morning i sing the love poetry songs i wrote
For i know you feel me .hear me ..please before its to late
Come save me my mistery lover make me yours

fear can drown us can keep us from living so without courage and kindness one cant change the world.

On my knees praying

on my knees

Crying saying
Thank you for all those who lead me to this path of discovering myself
I rather be a river than a street they say
Who know what causes us to take a spesific route
In our life our decisions determines our future
Walking the trail climing this mountain
I am lost in this woods walking in circles
Then haunted by all those hearts i have broken
My mistakes
My voice my thoughts my desires of guilty pleasures
This trail thought me allot face my fears and if all those men can forgive me why cant i
My life is like all life misterous
One day the man who desires me will accept me as i am that man will own me
If such a man excist
The world its all about looks money and naughty pleasures of the mind
Social media is a trap
Its about who your with how many friends how many lovers i had
What happened to falling in love with personality and working on our flaws no one is perfect
If the book is torn old ugly falling apart
Wont you still read the story if its good
You decide
Its a endless discusion
Dont judge a book by its cover and learn to forgive yourself otherwhise it will hold you back.

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