Scars from within my heart

Being different is not always easy
So with faith and hope
One can dream that one day i will be accepted
For not how i look but for what i stand for
Abd what is in my heart
One  day

All because of you

All because of You

Awfully lovely
Wasting my perfect years,
Living my life in fear,
All because of you.

Tragically wonderful,
I’m slowly losing my mind,
Myself I would never find,
All because of you.

Beautifully wrecked,
You’ll never leave my side,
No-one to confine,
All because of you.

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti

Fuzzfk of Fuzz

Fuzzfk of FUZZ

I dreamed of you i hear your name
I hear you calling my name to
One night on a stormy night
The room got misty and cold
But i felt warm inside
Then i saw a shadow in the mist
I looked
I reached out my hand you took it
You were full of scars and in pain
But didntnt shed a tear
You come in the room i look into your eyes
And you started to kiss me with your hands
We were drawn to each other  like two magnets.
Your lips on mine
Your hands all over my body
And mine on yours
You kiss my neck
You lay on the bed
I undress you
You undress me
Then i
climb on top of you naked
Riding you
Like riding a bike
Fast faster than the speed of lightning
Its a pure adrenalin rush
All night long
Till the sun came up

Author Maria Cornelia Abetti