To my best friend 

​It’s nearly time for the sun to go into hiding again it’s warmth was like thousands of smiles today every where you were and felt you spread sunshine and happiness sadly it’s time to say goodnight and great the night that is full of suprizes and the sky full of magic stars bright with only the moon to brighten the way to a magical dream world full of fantasy

Soft tears from the sky 

​I close  my eyes looking up at the sky but the only thing I feel is the soft tear drops from the sky all I could do is smile goodnight.

Really feels like this tonight I am so happy and in love Feels like I am running 

But not searching anymore 

I found you 

I will be running all night trying to reach you before the sun comes up 
Even if you went silent trying to run away 

Scared of getting hurt again 

Haunted by your past

I understand 

Tomorrow I will go pick you up 

Bring you back were you belong 

Dry your tears 

Remind you what we have is real so listen to this song 

You will understand. 


Author Maria Cornelia Abetti