Some say it’s a sin for me it’s a way of escaping reality those stolen kisses or those pretend love a fair it’s like writing or reading a book
For YOU the readers it gives hope
Doing things in our minds that is not fiscal possible on our age
Poetry or my poetry is fantasy not reality
But one thing I am sure off is that when I walked that day under that purple tree of love all my fears disappeared


I have all I desire
Accept you Valentino
For the rest of my life
You are my addiction
Valentino that night
Thinking back of that night was magic
Those endless warm wind I felt around me
It blew us in to each others arms
The moon bright the stars bright
Our love is forever
Valentino I love you so
I feel you I am in your heart you told me so
So you become my secret lover
Who knew you’re just the wind

Cloudy day

It maybe cloudy
and rainy but your smile,
brings sunshine were ever you are enjoy your day
May this day be the first day of the rest of your life


Trapped in between two worlds in empty space
Is this true loves way of being cruel
The sun and the moon
Who to choose
Without the one there can’t be the other

Woken up in my dreams
I’m drowning in my tears

Why do I feel so confused
Trapped in between space

Yet there’s no return
Why tell me why
Can’t I choose bot

Love song

My love song for today coming from deep within my heart.

The love story of the young couple
The winds are blowing strong and wild
On the sea and
In their hearts
Like the forbidden secret love
They met on their love boat
Both from to different worlds
Rich and poor
Only in secret among the rich they could meet
But among the poor the didn’t have to hide their love their they were accepted
They were dancing the night away
Their souls met again
Laying in each others arms looking at the starts
Till finally falling asleep
Feeling happy and content.
These two woke up with their never ending kiss
Stayed in their cabin
Not leaving each others arms
Phoning for room service
Then back in each others arms
They were to long apart
Author Maria Cornelia Abetti


As ons net kan besef en aanvaar hoe lief die Here ons werklik het dan sal ons lewe heeltemaal verander.
• Die Here sorg elke dag vir die natuur daar buite hulle saai nie en hulle oes nie en hulle maak nie in skure bymekaar nie want ons hemelse Vader sorg vir hulle.
• Jy is geskep na God se beeld en baie meer werd, hoeveel te meer sal die Here vir jou voorsien. Maak die Here deel van alles en jou lewe aanvaar Sy liefde en vertrou Hom met jou hele hart.

Gebed: Here baie dankie vir U liefde in my lewe. Here op U vertrou ek elke dag van my lewe. Lei my op U pad van liefde. In Jesus naam. Amen

Mother Earth

Mother Earth is gasping her last dying breath

by scalewings in Uncategorized
Skyscrapers he world was engulfed in color yesterday,
I rue the day that it resembles a solemn grey,
Mother Earth has gasped her last dying breath,
Skyscrapers serve as tombstones to mark her death.
If we watched the world from Venus or Mars,
We’d only see bruises, scrapes, and battle scars,
Heaven shall burn and hell shall freeze,
While we’re busy polluting rivers and bloodstreams.
One day we will remember that earth’s
fresh green and blue,
And ask how it became this new ugly hue,
Mother Earth’s a junkie with skyscraper strings,
New buildings pop up every time she brings,

Adam and Eve couldn’t survive today’s smack,
Gardens can’t grow in between the concrete cracks,
Mother Earth is gasping her last dying breath,
These skyscrapers serve as tombstones to mark her death.
The big qestion remains is it to late to save our planet no water no food crime increasing were will it stop


Shooting Stars

My favorite stars
Are the ones thats brigt
They just hang right
Above the horizon
At night they
provide light
A place
To run,and hide or
To hook a dream or two
Those bright stars are the ones who become shooting stars
There the ones
That rest
Distantly above
To make us belief in our dreams
Ow those shooting stars
They magic from above
We all have something that gives us hope for me i go out looking for that shooting star i saw abiut a dozen of so and all my wishes accept one came true