My heart 

​My heart 
I lost it long ago 

The day you died mom

You brought me into this magnificent world 

Read me stories introduced me to my imagination 

You molded me into what I am today

I gave you my heart 

If people ask me today

Where is your heart

I would reply

 A big piece my heart lives in heaven   that is my mom

Liefde is blind 

​Liefde is blind 

So is die wind 

Die wind waai jou deurmekaar 

So ook sal liefde jou deurmekaar maak 

So erg dat jy asemloos is 

 bene lam 

Skoenlappers  in jou maag 

So waai die wind 

Jou deurmekaar


Liefde en die wind kan onvoorspelbaar wees en jou veras sonder waarskuwings

​Separated from the one i love then years later we found each other

​Separated from the one i love then years later we found each other
On cool evening under the cloudy skies 

She sits alone 

Pondering back in  time 

She close her eyes 

Her body travels back in time it was just yesterday they met under the stars that night she feels him kissing her on her warm moist lips his warm soft hands ligtly masages over her entire body 

He pulls her closer 

Then one hand holding her in his arms 

The other hand touching  her cheeks 

Her knees feels week 

She starts shaking 

She feels him shaking to 

Its if everything around her disapear she can hardly breethe she feels his warm skin his hearbeat racing faster and faster then she totally loses control they whisper poetry in each others ears when kissing its if she inhales his soul is this real she thought  then they cuddled till the night fades away and day creeps out of its hiding place 

Itwas a night full of extesy they cuddled  like to young bids in love the duck feather duvy keeping them warm  their bodies entagled into each other till they woke up to scared to part each other for they would never see each other again 

For a eagle came and decided they were pray he hunted them night and day  sadly they were seperated 

Years later faith will bring them back together again 

For you see they were cosmic twins 

They were drawn to each other like two magnets negative and positive 

They were ment to complete their life lesson first 

Years later they met again 

Died in each others arms seconds apart 


When in love its magical till one gets seperated then having faith  its all you have your life goes on . like in this story . In the good old days there were no cell phones or internet the only way to keep in touch was by letter .

The blade pierced her skin as she surrenders the fight

​The blade pierced her skin as she surrenders the fight

In the shadow by the window in the pitch dark night
The sea of blood washes the pain away

Another lost battle on this wretched day
As steady streams of tears run down her face

Her mind tells her its time to abandon this race
A new day,

A new scar and a new battle to win

The freshly formed scare will strip the beauty from her skin
On this day hope will creep its way into her life

That one person should encourage her to put down the knife
“He” inspired her to dream

Her tears dried and her face beamed
She learned to take flight

To never give up a fight
She owns“him” her success and her entire life


Sometimes we are ready to give up on life then we get reminded by strangers who you really are it can give us hope again change us from naughty to nice