Life is like building a puzzles

Life is like building a puzzles

Kissing in the rain
You lead me inside
Feeling your soft touch
Your Hands On my skin
I start to lose control
We lay curled up on the bed

Just kissing and exploring each other
We start to build this magical puzzle
each puzzle piece a piece
of each other soul body and mind
By morning the puzzle was competed
So you scrambled it saying let’s start building a bigger puzzle
Yes life and being in love
A journey of discovery and growth.
Building a future
Together til death do us part


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in a state of trance

In a state of trance

you take my hand
you pull me close
we are dancing
just dancing the night away

were on the dance floor
lights flashing
i get lost in between the music notes
the notes takes me higher than i ever been before
i close my eyes
i feel my heart beat faster
i am in a state of trance

dancing the night away
on the melody of love
in a state of trance
i feel alive with mixed emotions
i am so high it feels like i am flying
my hands is the wings
my body is the eagle

tonight i can fly higher than ever before
i feel free i am in full control
i am the eagle
your my pray
were dancing the night away

in a deep state of trance
our body lauguage says it all
its all about dirty dancing

The night away
Till the night slowly fades away
And daylight comes out of its hiding place

As Autumn fades away slowly Winter creeps up and turns everything into ice.

As Autum slowly fades
like playing hide and seek
Winter creeps out of its hiding place
early morning its
turning eveything into ice

some trees naked and exposed
some trees keep its green leaves
some trees leaves change into the most beutifull colours
yellow,brown ,some even red

winter reminds me of playing hide and seek
as a child
early morning its cold
then later the clouds starts crying
then the sun creeps out from behind the grey clouds

Then when day flows into darkness
it slowly gets cold
reminding us that time we played hide and seek
when it was cold to stay warm as a child
Memories of our childhood
will start haunting us
as we get older
its just how it goes

Dedicated to all the moms

Dedicated to all the moms on earth and those in heaven

on this special day some of us
will treat our mothers to a gift
some will forget they have mothers
some will fight with their mothers
Doesn’t matter what you do on this day
I think we should give our mothers a gift every day

not a gift of roses
nor a gift of a dinner
or expensive gifts
our mothers brought us in this world
raised us
some wasn’t the best moms in earth
but they still deserve this gift

all a mother wants is love,respect
a hug
no fancy words on paper nor a special gift
mother’s day should be every day
not just on this day
for some of us our mothers got taken early
we realized how it was without them
no mom to dry our tears
or just say I love you
or to show respect
so go and give your mother her gift
on this day
and from now on everyday

The art of mothering

The art of mothering

A Mothers goes through diferent moods and emotions
in her journey of becoming a Mother
some times one feels alone
lost,sad,confused ,angry
its like Winter ,Autum ,Summer
all in one

but then theres
that loving , happy and proud feeling that remind me of Spring
To be a Mother was for me like Summer ,Winter,Autum ,Spring all mixed up in one

it took me years to grow and understand
To be a mother is perhaps the most rewarding job experience
a Mother must be a unquilified nurse a teacher a cook , therapist
cooking and cleaning
some still have to wake up early go to work
working hard to make sure
her children is equipped with the knowledge,
skills and abilities to be a compenent
to learn to survive
like in nature the mother bird teaches the baby bird how to survive and feed and fend for it self.
a mother should protect ,disiplin and be a friend at the same time.
a very thin line
a mother should bring up a child with care and effection thats the true art of mothering
a mother should be selfless,
loving who must sacrifice many of her wants and needs for the want and needs of her children .
at the end when their aduldts only then
you will get feedback from others
then only can one sit back knowing if your sacrifuces was worth it.
remember as mothers we can only plant the seeds to grow we got no control over the weather (rain,snow,hail,sun )that determines how the seed will grow.

n diamant is net n rots totdat jy dit reg sny

‘n diamant is net ‘n rots
totdat jy dit reg sny
my pa is dat die diamant
sterk, duidelike en ervaring

een van sy soort

selfs as siek op ‘n reënerige dag
Hy gaan na die alledaagse werk
om ons kos te bring
beklee ons ons te help met die skool

toe ek hom nodig het hy is altyd daar
wanneer ek hartseer sou hy my trane droog
As ek gelukkig
Hy sal lag
saam met my
Ek het die beste pa
in die gat wêreld
Hy is een van ‘n soort
Hy is so sterk soos ‘n bees
dapper soos ‘n leeu
maar soms het hy is hartseer om
Hy dink ek nie sien nie
sodat wanneer hy dra sy sonbril
Ek weet hy is
wegkruip sy trane
Ek sal gaan na my diamant (my Pa)
en gee hom ‘n drukkie

Liewe Pa in die hemel Ek het hierdie vir jou geskryf

liewe pa in die hemel Ek het hierdie vir jou geskryf

vandag is dit Vadersdag
Ek voel jou altyd in my hart
Ek praat met jou elke dag
maar vandag al wat ek wil hê, is
om vir jou dankie te se
Ek weet jy het soms honger gaan slaap
dankie Pa
jy het my beskerm en Ek het nooit
koud gaan slaap

jy was altyd daar vir my
jy het my geleer om te veg vir wat ek in glo

en nooit op te gee in my drome en doelwitte
Ek dink jy sal vandag sou trots wees op my
so dankie Pa

wanneer ek op my knieë is en met jou te praat
Ek kan jou stem hoor soos dit gister was
jy het altyd vir my gese voor Ek gaan slaap
as Ek jou mis
moet Ek net so aan jou dink

die wind sal jou stem wees
die son sal jou liefde wees
en wanneer dit gereën het
dit sou jou trane wees wat
huil saam met my
maar wanneer dit sonnige en winderig is
soos op ‘n pragtige Herfs dag
Dit herinner my aan hoe jy my styf in jou arms vashou en jy
se jy is Lief vir my

dankie pa
Ek is lief vir jou
vir my is dit elke dag Vadersdag
Ek het pappas versamel al oor die hele wêreld

hulle met respek, liefde gegee
dankie aan al my Pappas
oor die hele wêreld
Ek is lief vir jou almal

Dad you remind me of a rock not any rock a diamond

a diamond is just a rock
until you cut it right
my dad is that diamond
strong ,clear and experience

one of its kind

even if sick on a rainy day
he goes to work everyday
to bring us food
clothe us help us with school

when I need him he is always there
when I am sad he would dry my tears
if I am happy
he will laugh
with me
I got the best dad
in the hole world
he is one of a kind
he is as strong as an ox
brave as a lion
but sometimes he is sad to
he think I don’t see
so when he wears his sunglasses
I know he is
hiding his tears
I will go to my diamond (my Dad)
and give him a hug

dear mom in heaven I wrote this for you

dear mom in heaven I wrote this for you

today is mother’s day
your always in my heart
I talked to you everyday
but today all I want is
giving you thanks for always
guiding me
loving and protecting me
you clothed me
you made sure I never go hungry
I knew you went hungry to bed
you were always there for me
you taught me to fight for what I believe in
to be kind and caring
and never give up on my dreams and goals I think today you would be proud of me
so thank you mom

when I go on my knees and talk to you
I can hear your voice like its yesterday
thank you for always being. in my heart
you told me
before you died

the wind will be your voice
the sun would be your love
and when it rained it would be your tears
crying with me
but when its sunny and windy
like on a beautiful autum day
it reminds me of how you hold me tight in your arms
telling me you love me
thank you mom
I love you
for me its every day mothers day
I collect mothers all over the world
treating them with respect ,love and kindness
thank you to all my moms
all over the world
I love you all

hard to breathe without you

hard to breathe without you.

hard to breathe without you
near all l want is for you to hold me in your arms
or just feeling your hands brush through my hair
you giving me a kiss goodnight

i dont want this feeling to end
please stay just one more night
i still feel your warm lips kissing me goodnight

i never want to lose this feeling
i have in my heart
please just stay one more night

my tears turned into ice
as i see you go
i feel the sharp knife punch through my bleeding heart
it feels like i slowly get colder
slowly dying
until you bring the sunshine back in my heart

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