As the sun sets,the sky is dark ,I got scared when the Devil attack, hearing your voice, gave me inner peace , felt like a angel of love holding me , my heart was calm but your voice stuck in my mind , was it a dream or was it real


So lank as wat ’n mens hoop, kan jy vorentoe beweeg – ongeag die realiteite van jou situasie. Want hoop gee jou die moed om een tree voor die ander te sit.

Die feit is, daar is áltyd rede vir hoop. Want daar is altyd ’n môre – ’n môre waarin ons Vader ook sal wees. Dalk bring môre nie alles waarop jy gehoop het nie … of miskien het jy môre van voor af rede om in jouself en ander mense te twyfel. Een ding is egter waar: Jy aanbid ’n onwankelbare God.

Mighty oak tree

Stand tall mighty oak tree for all to see

Your strength forever amazes me

When winds are restless you’ll lose a limb

Or two Seasons change so do you

Yet you remain the same


As in life we take for granted

Simple things Life on earth is borrowed time

Facing one day at a time


You make me smile all day

Rain or sunshine

Even in darkness

You brighten up my day

Father in heaven

Father in heaven
Tonight again you guarded me
You put a blanket over me
The Devil came to fetch me with it soldiers
To many , they broke my invisible wall
I created with my faith
You send me a angel
To calm me down
Just before another attack
All these lessons to get me to
Wake up
You gave me free will
For once in my life
I am listening
Not running anymore
When I reached out my hand
While running barefoot in the mist
Searching for my cosmic twin
We finally met
I this is my last words I type
Before I go ….or …..
Is this a test
Please protect me tonight
So that my guardian angel and i can meet



Life is like sailing into the unknown discovering and exploring the unknown towards the west or to the east on a Sailboat using the sun to guide the way the journey is full of discovery so many stories to be told one day to be written in ink history need to be told written in ink or captured on film this is the only way


In the mist of the clouds

There is darkness

Mistery and fantasy

All ķinds of shapes signs from above

Animal shapes ,heat shapes

Weird shapes

Clouds is always different

I geuss its here to give us guidance

I always are amazed by the colours in the sky

Just before sun sets and late at night

When the moon is visible not hiding

Behind clouds

Its mistery that is allowed in the mind of a dreamer

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