Who to choose

The lily or the rose
To be or not to be
To fall in love or run away
Chosing to rich or poor
To be have a garden full of laughter
To plant more Lilly’s or rosses and cosmos plants
Thats the big question
After finding my favourite flower in my garden  its a field full of cosmos  i still  have to just look at you not allowed to touch or pluck you from my garden
Then when you die after a few months all i have left is the dried few i kept
Reminds me of my true love
The one that every year gets bigger as our love grow
Then i touch the dry ground my tears run down my cheek
Drop for drop it fell as i cry each day for i have to wait another year to see you again my only memory is the dry flower i kept to remind me of our happiness running barefoot oudside playing in the rain

Unexpected phone call

Unexpected phone call

You said I should never lie were I am 

The day we met

You asked me were are you what you doing 

I said could lie 

But you said tell the truth

So I replied on the toilet number 2

You just said in a weird voice 

You could have lied

No my dearest I promised to always tell the truth 

You replied with a smile in your voice we both talked and you said I love you

I haven’t heard that in years 

I smiled and replied that felt good I replied I love you to 

Would that make your day



Its hard 

Its even harder when you are in love

On dormacot 2 mg sohave to take 2 to sleep for 4 hours 

First month it gave me 6 hours 2 mg 

I feel tired in the day but not enough to sleep 

I go for walks 2hours clean the house work on comuter 

But no result if i sleep and i wake up now thats it awake 

So trying something new 

My dog must go out at 3 am 

Then alarms starts goung iff in neiborhood

By then i am in deep sleep 

Husbands alarm wakes me st 6am 

So then i am up 

Then i wil start my morning walk and busy scedule

By noon can relax by sorting phitos and birdwatching

Then watching the sunset and prsyer 

Texting my friends etc 

Then dinner and night repeat it self 

I must talk to the doctor again for need stronger pills 

Its years since 2003 i have this its effecting my health every day getting migraines again and trying to eat less to lose weight 

But with 3 cracks in my neck 

And arthirithis its getting hsrd to cope 

My msriage not in good health either 

For now just praying 

So if i get depressed 

Dont post its because i work on my new books 

I dont have all the money yet but i know God will profide 

please support me buy my books 

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