Who to choose

The lily or the rose
To be or not to be
To fall in love or run away
Chosing to rich or poor
To be have a garden full of laughter
To plant more Lilly’s or rosses and cosmos plants
Thats the big question
After finding my favourite flower in my garden  its a field full of cosmos  i still  have to just look at you not allowed to touch or pluck you from my garden
Then when you die after a few months all i have left is the dried few i kept
Reminds me of my true love
The one that every year gets bigger as our love grow
Then i touch the dry ground my tears run down my cheek
Drop for drop it fell as i cry each day for i have to wait another year to see you again my only memory is the dry flower i kept to remind me of our happiness running barefoot oudside playing in the rain

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