Like walking in the dessert
When got insomnia drinking my meds
I feel I am walking in circles
But it’s not true
Even thou I can’t see
In the sand storm
No water in the dessert
No food
GOD knows my destination
So I follow my heart

I am the firewood

I am the firewood

I am the firewood
Your the match
Lighting the flame
Our poetry our love
Is the endless supply of firewood
To keep us warm save 
Till we turn old and grey 
This fire will burn 
To be a legacy
For young and old 

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

My favorite stars
Are the ones thats bright
They just  hang right
Above the horizon
At night they
provide light
A place
To run,and hide or
To hook a dream or two
Those bright stars are the ones who become shooting stars
There the ones
That rest
Distantly above
To make us belief in our dreams
Ow those shooting stars
They magic from above
We all have something that gives us hope for me i go out looking for that shooting star i saw abiut a dozen of so and all my wishes accept one came true

Fuzzfk of FUZZ

Fuzzfk of FUZZ
I dreamed of you
One night on a stormy night
The room got misty and cold
But i felt warm inside
Then i saw a shadow in the mist
I looked
I reached out my hand you took it
You were full of scars and in pain
But didntnt shed a tear
You come in the room i look into your eyes
And you started to kiss me with your hands
We were drawn to each other  like two magnets.
Your lips on mine
Your hands all over my body
And mine on yours
You kiss my neck
You lay on the bed
I undress you
You undress me
Then i
climb on top of you naked
Riding you
Like riding a bike
Fast faster than the speed of lightning
Its a pure adrenalin rush
All night long
Till the sun came up

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