They call me Fuzz or lolipop

They call me Fuzz or lolipop

I am ugly full of scars
Of all the bleeding
Cuts and bruising
No one wants to kiss or hug me
I only feel happy in cyber space
Here I got friends
But in reality alone
I get invited but my husband always say no
So you see
If I go to heaven tonight
I will be free happy there I can visit you all
If I die don’t cry
Celebrate for I am free
I met new friend recently
He is just like me
But he is a hero he taught me a few things
In reality he should be in heaven
He had a bad accident he was like frankinstein doctors stitched him together
But he didn’t give up
He fixed his motorbike and goes to work hardly sleeping for in so much pain yet he never complain
For me he is normal he healed
So for me he is a role model
I hope and pray for that he see that he is not frankinstein but a kind hearted man .

Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

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