Good morning

Good morning
As I watched the sun come up
It was misty
You were hardly visible
Then the miss faded and you shine crofter than any star
Your golden yellow
Reminded me of my my grandmothers love
How she whole me up on the farm
With a cup of warm milk and porridge
Telling me At 4 am come come
The cows won’t milk them selfes
It was my favourite time in the day watching the sun rise while doing my daily chores on the farm I was very young but at the age of 6 years felt like I belong for milking the cows with my grandparents was the first good memory him telling stories as the day passed we went on many journeys together he made working on the farm a adventure and I enjoyed every second of it
It’s never to late to learn or turn back the clock remember even if you failed something you tried doesn’t mean it’s over try and try again for with every time you try again you will get better and learn from your mistakes. So you never to young or to old to live your dream

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Author and Poet Maria Cornelia Abetti

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